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Solar Powered Fishing Lure Product Details

Bite ‘Em Solar Lures
, no need for live bait, let the sun do the work for you.

The Lure receives sunlight which then drives vibration to a motor within the lure itself. When the vibration starts it will generate a ripple effect, as well as a sound that will attract fish.

The Lure works best in direct sunlight in which the solar panel will extract most of its energy. Changing the action of the lure by stopping and starting in a retrieve method will mimic a live frog, bug, or fish. The lure works best in calmer waters as waves and choppy waters will affect its action. Night time, and complete over casted days will stop the lure from working as its intention was designed for, although it is still a very affective lure.

There is no battery needed to operate this lure. With having no battery replacement costs the lure essentially pays for itself. There will also be no hidden compartments or seals that leak harmful battery acids into the waters. This lure will redefine the way you fish and will be a family heirloom.

Trailers Included
Two Trailers will come with the Lure that can be rigged with a Texas Rig making the Lure weed-less. For you folks that fish open water a Treble Hook can be used. Extra Trailers will be available for purchase online as well.

Lure Container Included
A hard plastic box with a slide top will come with the lure. This way you can keep it like new. We hope that this lure will become one of your "go to lure" or your "prized lure" that you pass on to the next generation. The box will help this lure stay as original as the day you purchased it. Our box is also produced right at our shop.

About the Lure
The Lure is made locally in our shop in Pennsylvania, USA. The Figure Eights and Split Rings are also made in the USA. The Eyes of our Lures are from Jig Junkie, which is a disable veteran owned company in California. We assemble and paint all Lures & Trailers right in our shop as well. Our Motor & Solar Panel we currently from China, and our Hooks are from Mustad Hooks which is in Florida. We here at Bite Em Solar Lure are doing our best to ensure that this Lure is as "Made in the USA" as possible.

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