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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my product come with a warranty?

Our product is “as purchased”. Due to the nature of this sport we cannot offer any warranties at this time. Should you for any reason feel as if your product is faulty please contact us at

What is all inside the packaging?
Every lure comes with the hard case that holds the lure itself as well as two trailers. More on this can be found under the Product Description.

Are lures tested before shipping?
All our lures are hand tested prior to being shipped. This ensures that we are sending out a product that meets our standards, and more importantly, your expectations.

What is my return policy?
We follow industry standard for return policies. You will have 7 days after receiving the unopened or unused product. Due to the nature of the sport this product must be unused. We charge a 25% restocking fee; user is required for any shipping charges of returned product(s). We require a receipt or proof of purchase. NOTE: We ask, do not send your purchase back without the receipt. Once product is received and inspected you will then receive a refund.

How long does shipping usually take?
Within 3-5 business days of receiving your order, your product will be shipped. Shipping can take upwards to 10 days depending on where you are located in relation to our warehouse.

What type of hooks do you use on your lures?
Bite Em Solar Lures uses only the finest parts. We have paired with Mustad Hooks to use their Mustad 3/0 Hook.

Does your lure catch only Bass?

No, our lure attracts many different fish. Get out and fish and enjoy using this lure!

Where should I use this lure?
This lure can be used on any large fresh bodies of water.

Will it still work on a cloudy day?
Our lure WILL work on most cloudy days. Note, that the sunlight drives the motor, if you do not have good sunlight the motor will not spin as fast, nor be as loud. This lure will not work as intended at nighttime, as it is designed to be a daytime lure. You can always use this lure at any time as a standalone lure, or a baited lure.

What is the purpose of the noise?

The purpose of the noise is to attract the fish. As many studies have shown many fish can detect sounds as well as vibrations

What is the purpose of the vibration?
The purpose of the vibration is to attract the fish. As many studies have shown many fish can detect vibrations as well as sounds

Do I need to use bait with this lure?
No. The purpose of this lure is to be a standalone top water lure. You can always add bait should you prefer.

How heavy is the lure?
The lure itself is 1.10 ounces. This weight is not adding on any trailer with it.

Does your lure get caught in lily pads easily?
No, the trailer will need to be rigged Texas Style.

Is there a variation in motors?
Yes. Not all motors are created equal when dealing with micro motors.

My motor stopped working, what should I do?
If this happens, you can gently tap the motor on a hard surface as to “jump start” the motor. Much like many things with moving parts, sometimes it may stick.

How do I rig my trailers?
If you are not familiar with how to rig a Texas rig, just simply perform a search on YouTube and click on the video that gives you the best explanation.

Your products are Made in the USA?
We are 100% assembled in the USA and 90% made in the USA.  The solar panel and motor is from china.  But we assemble them together and solder them here in the USA.  The lure body is made here in the USA as well as the eyes on the lure.  The eyes are from Jig Junkie which is a company owned by disabled veterans. Our lure, and other parts that make up the lure are also from USA companies.  We here at Bite 'Em Solar Lures are doing our best to keep as much of the lure USA made. It means a lot to us to have that as part of our brand!


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