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About Bite 'Em Solar Lures

Bite 'Em Solar Lures are excited to introduce the New Unique Lure. The Solar Frog is the first of many lures that is being launched. Remember to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media for any new product releases, new available colors, or potential sales that we may run.

Bite 'Em Solar Lures features industry leading designs to mimic life like lures, for targeting all varieties of game fish. This new and revolutionary product will bring a whole new experience to the way that you fish. It will have people engaging and inquiring about what it is, and where you purchased that from. Not only will it stir up quite the human audience bait, but it also really does work with the fish. This lure has been water and fish tested and you too can now understand why we say, “You’ll Never Fish the Same Way Again”.

A significant factor in the creation of Bite 'Em Solar Lures, is our team of specialists. From design to CNC mold making, injection molding, product assembly, paint, and packaging. We are all in house and represent the United States of America. We are a small business and a homegrown company, so when you buy from us you are supporting a local business. All our lures are 100% assembled in the USA. We are Trademarked & Patent Pending.

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