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Bite Em Solar Lures are proud to partner with companies that help us make our product what it is. Some of our partners that we work closely with are:

Jig Junkie

This is where Bite Em Solar Lures get all of our eyes that you see on our lures. Jig Junkie is in the business of supporting other junkies, much like themselves.

They are a group of disabled veterans that share common passion for the fishing industry. For more on them and what they do you can visit their website


Mustad Hooks
Mustad hooks have been around for more than 125 years. Known as the world’s largest fishing hook manufacturer they make hooks for any occasion. If you are doing commercial fishing, traditional fishing, competitive fishing, or even if your fishing with your Bite Em Solar Lure. Mustad is a Norwegian brand although at Bite Em Solar Lures we deal with their office right in Miami, Florida. For more on what they do you can visit


Wacky Worm
Wacky Worm is a well-known tackle shop that carries almost anything you can think of. At Wacky Worm you will see why many have and continue to stop in for all their fishing supplies. We like to use the catch line that "we are the store that our competitors want to keep a secret". We say that because once you step foot inside of our shop you will understand why. We hope you can stop down soon. It is also where Bite Em Solar Lures will make it's "entrance" into the retail industry. Visit their website at


M&M Machine Shop LLC
Visit their website at

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